Workshop Evaluation Questionnaire
Date:04/08/2020 10:49
Given Names:Inara
Project:Not Stated
Qualification:(2) Care Services Essential Activities
Course Identifier:
Client Identifier:
VETtrak Client Code:
VETtrak Enrolment ID:
How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
My expectation of the workshop overall have been satisfied: Agree
The knowledge/skills gained will be useful: Agree
Resource materials used were appropriate and useful: Agree
The facilitator engaged me in the learning: Agree
The presentation was clear: Agree
The workshop was well organised: Disagree
I am confident (given the opportunity) in my ability to use the knowledge/skills covered: Disagree
The location, time, catering (if applicable) and arrangements were suitable: Strongly Agree
If you have disagreed with any statement, please comment below: dont like it
What was the most satisfying aspect of the program?: loved the teacher
Do you have any further comments that may help us improve the program?: boring
I give permission to RTOMS to use comments and testimonials provided by me through the evaluation process in the review of course delivery and in future marketing materials.