2018 Course Completion Questionaire - Learner
Date:25/04/2019 13:21
Given Names:Sully
Project:National Corporate Project - Acme
Course:Certificate III in Customer Contact
Facilitator:Molly Vosper
Workshop:Workshop 1
Programme:Benchmark Training
Qualification:(FPP30101) Cert III in Pulp and Paper
Staff Member:dom hawke
Course Identifier:
Client Identifier:
Student ID:
VETtrak Student ID:
VETtrak Enrolment ID:
What was the most satisfying aspect of the program?:
Are your expectations of VETtrak satisfied? Do you feel you have received appropriate support and advice?:
Do you have any further comments that may help us improve the program?:
I developed the skills expected from this training: Disagree
I identified ways to build on my current knowledge and skills: Agree
The training focused on relevant skills: Agree
I developed the knowledge expected from this training: Agree
The training prepared me well for work: Agree
I set high standards for myself in this training: Agree
The training had a good mix of theory and practice: Strongly Agree
I looked for my own resources to help me learn: Agree
Overall, I am satisfied with the training: Agree
I would recommend the training organisation to others: Agree
Training organisation staff respected my background and needs: Agree
I pushed myself to understand things I found confusing: Agree
Trainers had an excellent knowledge of the subject content: Agree
I received useful feedback on my assessments: Agree
The way I was assessed was a fair test of my skills and knowledge: Disagree
I learned to work with people: Agree
The training was at the right level of difficulty for me: Agree
The amount of work I had to do was reasonable: Strongly Agree
Assessments were based on realistic activities: Strongly Agree
It was always easy to know the standards expected: Agree
Training facilities and materials were in good condition: Agree
I usually had a clear idea of what was expected of me: Agree
Trainers explained things clearly: Agree
The training organisation had a range of services to support learners: Agree
I learned to plan and manage my work: Agree
The training used up-to-date equipment, facilities and materials: Agree
I approached trainers if I needed help: Agree
Trainers made the subject as interesting as possible: Agree
I would recommend the training to others: Agree
The training organisation gave appropriate recognition of existing knowledge and skills: Agree
Training resources were available when I needed them: Agree
I was given enough material to keep up my interest: Strongly Agree
The training was flexible enough to meet my needs: Agree
Trainers encouraged learners to ask questions: Agree
Trainers made it clear right from the start what they expected from me: Disagree
What were the best aspects of the training?: teaching quality
What aspects of the training were most in need of improvement?: digitalization
Your training details
What type of qualification are you currently enrolled in?: Advanced Diploma
What is the broad field of your current training?: Engineering and related technologies
What is the full title of your current qualification or training?:
In what month did you start your current training?: 02
In what year did you start your current training?: 2019
Are you undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship?: Yes
Did you get any recognition of prior learning towards your training such as subject exemptions, course credits or advanced standing?:
About you
Are you female or male?: Female
What is your age in years?: 15 to 19
Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?: No
Do you speak a language other than English at home?: Yes
Are you a permanent resident or citizen of Australia?: Yes
Do you consider yourself to have a disability, impairment or long-term condition?: No
What is the postcode of your main place of residence?: 7004