ASQA Student Survey
Given Names:
Marketing and recruitment
The information I received about my course before I enrolled (signed up) was factual and accurate. *
I knew the name of my training provider before I enrolled (signed up). *
Did the training provider offer you any incentives to sign up to the course (such as an iPad or a laptop)? *
Did the training provider promise or guarantee you would get a job if you completed the course? *
Was there another organisation (different to your training provider) involved in marketing, recruiting or signing you up to this course? *
At the time you signed up, were you aware there was another organisation (different to your training provider) involved with your recruitment and sign up? *
My training provider gave me advice about how the course would meet my needs before I enrolled (signed up). *
I understood the length of the course, study requirements and assessment (test) methods before I enrolled (signed up). *
My rights and responsibilities as a student were explained to me before I enrolled (signed up). *
The payment terms and conditions, including any loan arrangements, were clear to me when I enrolled (signed up). *
I was aware of my training provider's refund policy when I enrolled (signed up). *
Support and progression
My training provider has asked me if I have any special learning needs. *
I have been given information about support services available to me as a student. *
I know I can get help if I have a problem or find the course difficult. *
My training provider supports me to use technology and access the learning resources I need to complete my course. *
I understand how to make a complaint if I am unhappy about my training or support services. *
Training and assessment
My teachers/trainers are professional and knowledgeable about my course subject. *
The amount of training I receive is enough to allow me to practice new skills before I am assessed (tested). *
I have access to good quality learning resources and facilities. *
Assessment activities are fair and are clearly explained to me. *
I am given helpful feedback on my assessment tasks. *
My course is meeting my work, career or study needs. *
I understand what is required to successfully complete my course. *
I expect to complete my course within the planned study time. *
I value the training provided by my training provider. *
I would recommend my training provider to my friends, family and colleagues. *
Overall satisfaction
Overall, how satisfied are you with the training and support services provided by your training provider? *
What have you valued most about your training experience? *
How could your training experience have been improved? *
Are there any other comments you wish to provide? *